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Tatami selection guide

Types of tatami

If you are looking for a tatami mat, you might have noticed that there are a variety of types on the market, varying in size or thickness, but also in their aesthetics. The choice of the right tatami for you depends on the use you want to make of it.

Traditional tatami (5,5 cm)

In ancient times the edge of the tatami webbing was embellished with decorations that indicated the caste of belonging. Our traditional tatami are also available with a blue, green or black decorated border.


Low tatami (2,5 cm)

Foldable tatami (1,2 cm e 2,5 cm)

The transportable tatami (90x200) comes with a cotton bag that allows you to easily turn it into a briefcase (50x90x5 cm). It is suitable for practicing activities such as yoga or meditation, but also serves as a bed base for guests. It is made of wood fiber, has a thickness of 1.2 cm and a weight of about 2 kg.

If you would prefer something even more compact and manageable, the Goza mat is for you. It is always made of igusa, the reed that covers the tatami, is easily rolled up and weighs less than 1 kg.

Best to create a guest area is the tatami separé (160x200), made of coconut fiber, 2.5 cm thick and weighing about 10 kg. You can use it as a convenient and elegant partition or as a double bed base. Its surface will be more elastic than a normal low tatami.


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